沉香是香王嗎?Is agilawood the best kind of incense component?

        Agilawood is considered to be the diamond or king of all the incense components, since it is not always available. As agilawood gets damaged, it creates resin to cover its wounds and protect itself. Meanwhile, the wounds can get infected by the fungi and then turn into paste-like lumps that contain resin, aetherolea, wood, and other ingredients.


點香會產生二氧化碳,這樣是否不環保? Burning incense produces carbon dioxide, so is burning incense eco-friendly?

Based on the SGS test, burning an incense stick (7cm long, 3 mm in diameter) in a one-cubic-meter compartment for twenty minutes can increase 0.000483 of the total amount of carbon dioxide, weighing about 0.62 grams. That is to say, there is 0.031 more carbon dioxide each minute.


香要如何保存? How to preserve incense?

In the markets, we can commonly find powder incense, stick incense and dish incense. After we open an incense package, we should store the rest of incense in air-tight containers. If desiccants are enclosed in the packages, we have to remove them after opening, for the desiccants can absorb the moisture in the air and therefore humidify the incense if they still stay in the packages.


嬰兒半夜不安穏,點香有用嗎? Can incense help calm down fretful infants in the midnight?

Burning incense can help create a stable and peaceful field. Infants are very sensitive to energy, but they cannot express themselves well. As a result, they show their emotions by crying when feeling uncomfortable, hungry, wet in the diaper, or disturbed by negative energy field.


買房子、車子可以用香來祈福淨化嗎?如何做? Can we purify our new houses or cars for good luck with incense? How can we do it?

Buying new houses and cars is a delightful thing, so many people tend to choose a good timing to welcome their new possessions.


香的前世今生 Before and after the incense is made……

As you smell the fragrance of the incense, have you ever thought of how it was made and how it reached you to entertain you with bits of aroma? As you touch one incense stick, have you ever felt its texture, temperature, humidity, shape, size, and length? If you do, you have touched the sky and the land and are being nourished supported by mother earth!


出國旅遊在飯店睡不好⋯⋯點香有用嗎? Does burning incense enhance your sleeping quality while travelling abroad?

Many travellers suffer from poor sleeping quality when travelling abroad. Some feel something wrong about their rooms; others complain about some unusual sounds or feel somehow uncomfortable. But, none of them can tell why they feel so.


品香時,為什麼會不舒服或感覺麻麻的? Why do some people feel uncomfortable or numb while smelling incense?

合香是由多種中藥調製而成的香品,具有開竅、通絡、散邪、逐穢的作用。品香時,香的藥性在體內運作,調整臟腑或經絡的振動頻率,而五臟〈心、肝、脾、肺、腎〉與五官〈舌、眼、口、鼻、耳〉、五志〈喜、怒、憂、思、悲、驚恐〉、五炁〈 神、魂、志、魄、精〉互相關聯;彼此之間具有相生相剋的關係,所以就會幫助身體恢復原本的和諧、平衡與活力機能。
Synthetic incense is made up of many kinds of Chinese herbs, which can smoothen our nadi systems and chase away filthy or bad energy. As we appreciate the scents of incense, the properties of the incense act on our five organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys), five features (tongue, eyes, mouth, nose, and ears), five emotions (joy, anger, sorrow, sadness, and fear), and five elements (moods and spirit). These properties reinforce and counteract one another; therefore, smelling incense helps our body restore the harmony and balance of all the body parts.


為什麼聞香會想哭或頭暈、排氣、想吐?Why do some people feel nauseous upon smelling incense?

If you feel sick and nauseous upon smelling incense, there are some things for you to clarify. First, check if the incense you bought contains chemicals. Since artificial incense consists of poisonous chemicals, including benzene, formaldehyde, butadiene, dimethyl benzene, those who are sensitive to energy tend to feel uncomfortable while smelling it. Or, if you burn incense in close surroundings where the ventilation is not good enough, then you may also feel sick, dizzy, or even stuffy.


為什麼拜拜要用香? Why do we worship with incense?

Worshipping with incense can be traced back to the flaming festival in ancient times. Back then, people set fire to their cherished jade, cloth, domestic animals, and fragrant wood in order to worship their Gods or heaven. That was done to pray for good luck, chase away disasters, and protect their belongings. Such a practice still lives on and is known as our incense culture.
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點香,生意就跑了,這是怎麼一回事? Why did the burning incense chase someone’s business away?

Recently, a friend remarked that upon burning a certain kind of incense, his client would somehow cancel the appointment and thus he missed some deals. Since such a situation repeated itself several times, he could not help but wonder if it had something to do with the incense.


用香拜拜,為什麼可以上達天聽? Why can we contact Gods with incense?

Chinese have a special feeling and memory about incense. Ancient Chinese started to worship Gods, heaven, and mother earth several thousand years ago in order to pray for peace. As time goes by, people still burn incense to pray to Gods for great business, good family relationships, and health. But, why can we contact Gods with incense and make our wishes heard?


點香會招來靈界眾生嗎? Will burning incense invite spirits?

Many people assume that burning incense will invite spirits, since the fragrance of the incense can be tantalizing to not only humans but also spirits, and thus some people may reject or even fear burning incense.


點香,一定可以轉化運勢嗎? Can we change our fortune by burning incense?

Incense can be used to purify the energy field, to help us improve our body and mind conditions, and to make us feel peaceful, delightful as well as healthy. However, even when burning incense, some people may still encounter setbacks or misfortunes, such as marital problems, unemployment, accidents, or the arrivals of nuisances. As a consequence, they may suppose that burning incense can induce bad luck.


小孩可以聞香嗎? Can children smell incense?

Traditional incense is comprised of herbs based on ancient Chinese medicine theories. By steaming and smelling incense, the medicinal properties of the incense enter our bodies. As a result, it is vital that we pay attention to ventilation as well as our body and mind condition. If the incense is for children, we can choose the kinds that can enhance children’s attention, gastrointestinal function or appetites. Yet, generally speaking, the incense products are for both sexes and all the ages. In case the kids are too sensitive to the smoke of the incense, we can substitute essense oil for incense. Or, we may also mix natural adhesives with incense powder, such as the powder of Phoebe zhennan, and then turn the mixure into an incense ball or pie. Finally, we can lay the products in the air to give off their scents.


招財香真的可以招財嗎? Can Incense of Wealth really invite wealth?

    Generally speaking, wealth is thought of as a means to satisfy our needs for materials. However, the so-called wealth involves three types, including outer wealth, inner wealth, and the ultimate wealth. If one can get these three types of wealth, he must enjoy a rich material and spiritual life.


靜坐可以點香嗎? Can we burn incense while meditating?

There are many advantages to burning incense while meditating, for high-quality natural incense brings stable and peaceful energy, and can thus chase away filthy energy as well as evil spirit while creating a pure and harmonic atmosphere. With the incense around, we can easily feel serenity and freedom; furthermore, we can evade from disturbing thoughts and gradually calm down.



怎樣才能買到天然好香? How can we choose natural and high-quality incense?

 In the markets, we have a diversity of incense, differentiated by the way the incense is manufactured and the ingredients contained in the incense. Roughly, incense can be divided into natural incense and artificial incense. The former is made from completely natural materials, while the latter consists of chemicals as well as artificial additives.


夜間可以點香嗎? Can we burn incense at night?

Many people disagree to burning incense at night, assuming that it can lure sinister things, make people lose their mind, lead to discord among family members, hinder their business, or harm their health and so on.


為何會排斥身旁點香的人或香? Why do some people reject incense and those who burn incense?

Our sense of smell is very special and it involves our emotions, learning, and memory.



臥房可以點香嗎? Can we burn incense in our bedrooms?

Typically, people associate incense with religious rituals, and thus incense has been regarded as something sacred or inviolable. And, particularly in the opinion of most Chinese, sex has been an embarrassing topic and considered filthy, shameful, and even sinful; as a consequence, sex is only essential to carry on the family line. That is why many people assume it is improper to burn incense in their bedrooms. As a matter of face, ancient people used to burn incense in their bedrooms for various purposes.



        藥,指的是可以用來治療疾病、減輕病患痛苦、或預防疾病的物質;藥方則是針對疾病所開出的方劑。從中醫的配方來看,藥方必須符合君、臣、佐、使的配藥原則,因此 以「療癒」的觀點來看,依照傳統古法所製的天然香,才可以稱為「藥方」。









 1868 年,化學家帕金在英國利用煤焦油製造出了第一種合成香料--香豆素即香豆內脂)之後,從此化學合成香料幾乎涵蓋我們的生活層面。無論是吃的、喝的、用的〈如保養品、寵物用品、清潔用品、洗手乳、藥品、空氣芳香劑〉,甚至連小朋友使用的文具用品〈彩色筆、橡皮擦、紙張、原子筆〉都離開不了這個範疇,透過皮膚或空氣的接觸,吸收進入人體。